Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why are Meter Maids Preying on Us?

Two Years ago a dime bought you 10 minutes on a Parking Meter.

Today, its $.50 for 15 minutes.

Remember free parking on Sundays.

Remember meters went off at 6pm.

Soon to be a thing of the past.

Do the math, a 250% fee increase! If your credit card increased that much, Congress would hold hearing. What the hell happened?

Well, let me tell you.

Four years ago, numb-nut voters decided to create the MTA ( Metropolitan Transit Agency) to consolidate MUNI and DPT into a single agency.


Complicated, but in numb-nuts terms, all reporting agencies must have a balanced budget. MUNI has never had a balanced budget, and DPT (Department of Parking and Traffic) spews money.

Add them together, Call it the MTA, couple MUNI losses with the never ending revenue of the DPT,


the MTA has a balanced budget! Supes and Mayors are fiscally responsible, a zero net sum game agency. A clean balance sheet.

Whats all that mean?

Own a car, you are fucked.


Absolute and definitive lack of Political Will, Leadership and Integrity!

Ever see "Cool Hand Luke"? Why did he go to jail?

Lucas Jackson went to jail because he was cutting the tops off of parking meters in his little town in the South. Seems Lucas Jackson disagreed with the City fathers new idea for revenue. Seemed he felt they had lost their town and their freedoms. Lucas Jackson was not stealing the meters nickles, he was making a stand as a citizen.

Where is the political will and insight to solve San Francisco's budget mess? We are supposed to be the best and brightest city in the country, and instead of budget cuts, proper management and fiscal responsibility, all the mayor can come up with is RAISING PARKING METER RATES!

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